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Road rage accident caught on video, police file charges

| Aug 31, 2015 | Car Accidents

In a remarkable story, a road rage accident was caught on video by a dashboard camera being used by an ordinary citizen. Don’t worry, no injuries were reported in the accident and it doesn’t appear that anything terrible happened after the camera stopped rolling — other than some damage to the vehicles.

The incident happened here in Phoenix on the Loop 101, where two vehicles — one a blue sports car — were driving near each other. It is unclear why the blue sports car was angry at the other vehicle, but the driver revs his engine at the other vehicle, drives up next to and yells at the vehicle, and then eventually purposefully cuts the other vehicle off, causing a fender bender accident.

Both drivers gave conflicting reports to the police, so nothing really happened initially when it came to criminal charges. But when the dash-cam footage was provided to police, it was clear: The driver in the blue vehicle was at fault, and he was charged with numerous crimes.

This story isn’t even really about the car accident that happened. The story is much more about the intriguing matter of dashboard cameras, and how they affect car accident investigations — and, really, how we all drive.

Dashboard cameras are becoming more common in the United States, and they will capture plenty of footage of accidents. This evidence is as close to definitive evidence as police can get, and it could change the way many people handle their car accident from a legal perspective. That evidence could give them the ability to file a civil lawsuit against the negligent or reckless person involved.

Source: ABC News, “Dash-Cam Video Shows Alleged Road Rage Accident on Arizona Highway,” Aug. 28, 2015


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