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Rollover wreck leaves 2 people with serious injuries

| Aug 3, 2015 | Car Accidents

Two people suffered serious injuries in a car accident in Phoenix, Arizona recently. Though the crash only involved the lone vehicle, this story still is relevant to accidents that involve two or more cars.

The reason for that is because the only vehicle in this crash rolled over. The two women inside, ages 30 and 37, are in “critical condition” after the wreck. Apparently the vehicle was “weaving through traffic” before it rolled over numerous times, resulting in the injuries the women suffered.

Rollover accidents are very serious, and in some ways could be considered more serious than other accidents. This is because of their very nature. When a vehicle rolls over, the people inside the vehicle are subject to different circumstances than other wrecks. Their neck, head and entire upper body is put at risk in a different way. They could suffer severe head injuries or spinal cord injuries that change their life forever.

When these rollover wrecks do involve a second vehicle, and when that other vehicle is at fault for the wreck, then any of the injuries suffered by the people involved in this wreck could be referenced in a lawsuit that holds the negligent driver responsible. And that’s very important when you consider the potentially life-altering consequences of a rollover wreck.

So for anyone who has been involved in a rollover accident or has been injured in a rollover accident, please consider your legal options in the wake of the crash and consult with an experienced and adept personal injury attorney.

Source:, “2 critically injured in Phoenix rollover crash,” Abigail Golder, July 20, 2015


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