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City bus strikes, kills pedestrian in Phoenix

| Sep 15, 2015 | Car Accidents

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a bus recently in Phoenix, Arizona. The accident happened a couple of weeks ago, and the it is under investigation. Very little information is known at this point, but what is clear is that since a city bus was involved in the fatal wreck, there will be plenty of question and lots of complicated processes involved.

Municipal transportation agencies has a lot of training requirement, insurance requirements and other procedural aspects to their operation. When an accident happens, all of these factors come into question. Any flaws with the municipal transportation agency, or with the driver involved in a particular wreck, could lead to liability on the part of one party (or both parties).

The other interesting element to this story is the map provided by the source article. It shows where fatal car accidents have happened in the state of Arizona in recent years. And, if you click over to that article, you will see a lot of dots on the map. Most may be centered on Phoenix and Tucson, but the wrecks really are all over the map. In the middle of nowhere; in smaller towns; along barren roads; they happen everywhere.

When these wrecks happen, every aspect of the incident has heightened importance. Someone lost their life, and as such, definitive answers (or as close to definitive as we can get) are important — especially if legal action is to be involved. A wrongful death claim relies on evidence to support the plaintiff’s claim.

Source: ABC 15, “PD: Pedestrian hit, killed by bus in Phoenix,” Vivian Padilla, Sept. 4, 2015


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