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Racing involved in fatal crash that kills 2 people

| Sep 24, 2015 | Wrongful Death

While the following crash didn’t happen here in Arizona, it still demonstrates the unfortunate nature of car accidents and how their devastating effects can hurt not just the victims of the accident, but their families as well.

The wreck in question is a little unclear, but it appears that street racing was involved. A vehicle was carrying a man and a woman, and it was struck by one of two black cars that appeared to be racing, according to witnesses. The man and woman were killed, and the man’s two sons, aged 6 and 12, have sued the driver responsible. The lawsuit is being filed on behalf of those two children by an attorney.

The wrongful death lawsuit is independent of any criminal charges that the police may or may not bring against the man behind the wheel of the racing vehicle. The other driver that was racing is also named in the lawsuit, and it is also unclear if he faces criminal charges as well. This is an important lesson for many: civil and criminal cases are handled separately, but the results (and evidence) involved in either case can be crucial to the other case.

The other unfortunate lesson here is that car accidents can drastically alter lives, and permanently change families. Even if people survive terrible car wrecks, their lives — and those of their families — may not be the same again. In the worst accidents, a wrongful death lawsuit may not be what the loved ones of the victim want to think about. But such a lawsuit can bring about crucial compensation to help them deal with the aftermath of the fatal wreck.

Source: Jackson Sun, “$5M lawsuit filed in Hogan crash,” Tyler Whetstone, Sept. 22, 2015


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