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Driver flees police, causes devastating car accident

| Oct 12, 2015 | Car Accidents

A car accident in Phoenix left numerous people with serious injuries and many people angry at the way the at-fault driver handled himself.

The man in question was initially pulled over by the police. Upon being stopped, the police officer took the driver’s license and then suspected that the individual was carrying drugs. When the officer asked the driver to exit his vehicle, the driver refused, and shortly thereafter, he took off. Eventually he crashed into another vehicle as he fled the original police stop. The ensuing crash left all six people involved in the crash — four in the other vehicle, two in the fleeing driver’s vehicle — in the hospital. Three of the people in the other vehicle were in “stable but serious condition,” while the other is in critical condition.

Crashes like this are so upsetting because the person at-fault was being purposefully dangerous to avoid personal responsibility for an alleged crime. Innocent people were hurt due to this person’s reckless driving, and there will likely be repercussions for that.

In cases like this, there are often civil cases that accompany a criminal case. These cases can happen simultaneously, though it depends on the situation. In this case, the four people in the other vehicle (and even the passenger in the at-fault person’s vehicle) could pursue civil litigation against the negligent man for the injuries they sustained in the crash.

Cases like this are important for the victims. The compensation can be crucial to their health, well-being and ability to live in the tough months following a devastating car accident.

Source:, “Phoenix police: Driver fleeing I-10 traffic stop triggers crash,” Jamie Sheldon and Natalie Tarangioli, Sept. 29, 2015


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