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Arizona drivers, safe in some ways, dangerous in others

| Nov 30, 2015 | Car Accidents

In life, there are rarely just black-and-white issues. For example, drivers in Arizona aren’t either safe or unsafe. A new study suggests that there is good news but also bad news regarding the safety statistics on Arizona roads. looked at various aspects of driver safety from state to state and ranked the states from the most dangerous to the safest. Unfortunately, it looks like drivers in Arizona have improvements to make in their driving in order for people here to be safer while on the roads.

According to reports, Arizona ranks number six in having the worst drivers throughout the country. It ranks as dangerous because of the rate of careless driving/pedestrian accidents and incidents of drivers failing to obey traffic laws. 

Reports like this can be a wakeup call for drivers as well as lawmakers. If drivers are too often failing to follow traffic laws and are injuring pedestrians, lawmakers and law enforcement might take that as a sign that either stricter regulations need to be enforced, or current traffic laws need to be enforced more strictly. 

The good news is that Arizona ranks as relatively safe for drunk driving accidents compared to the rest of the U.S. State sources argue that the positive ranking is because of tough DUI enforcement in the state.

Still, drunk driving crashes do happen, and clearly, until local drivers change their behaviors or laws are changed, there will also be victims of careless and negligent driving. Victims of such incidents should not hesitate to discuss their legal options with a personal injury attorney. 

Source: Tucson News Now, “Arizonans among nation’s worst drivers, study finds,” Derek Staahl, Nov. 28, 2015



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