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Car crosses center line, causes fatal crash in Arizona

| Nov 6, 2015 | Car Accidents

One person is dead and two others are injured after two vehicles collided on a two-lane highway in Northern Arizona. Police were at the scene investigating the crash, and though some information is know, most of the details of the wreck are unknown at this point.

What we do know is that two vehicles were driving in opposite directions on the highway when one of them crossed the center line and crashed head on with the other vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that crossed the center line was the one that died, while two people in the vehicle that was struck were injured. Their injuries were not disclosed.

What we can infer from this story is that something clearly went wrong with the vehicle that suddenly crossed the center line. What that specific “something” is, though, remains to be seen. Was there something mechanically wrong with the vehicle? Did the driver suffer a medical emergency just prior to the accident? Was that driver negligent or irresponsible in some way, texting while driving or perhaps being distracted by something else entirely?

Until more definitive information comes out about this wreck, it is all speculation, and none of these questions will have any answers. Sadly, though, in many wrecks the answers to these questions point to some sort of reckless driving on someone’s part. If someone was driving while using a cellphone — or if they were distracted in some other way — and they caused an accident, they can certainly be held liable for the incident. 

Source: CBS 5, “Head-on wreck on Phoenix-area highway kills 1,” Oct. 30, 2015

Head-on wreck on Phoenix-area highway kills 1


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