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Truck tips over, speeding and fatigue could be involved

| Nov 20, 2015 | Truck Accidents

The truck accident that we are about to write about may seem funny at first, but it actually reveals all of the potential problems with the trucking industry and truck drivers. The wreck, which occurred in Arizona, did not involve any injuries, which is great news. The biggest loss in the wreck was pizza dough and flour — 44,500 pounds worth, to be exact. Many movie nights were ruined on this day.

Jokes aside, there are three absolutely terrifying bits to this story. The first is that the driver may have been fatigued. The second is that speeding may have been involved. Both of these factors are being investigated by officials.

The third element isn’t really in question. The cargo rig toppled over after the truck hit a guardrail. While you may say that this is expected after a truck hits a guardrail, the point to take away here is that when a semi-truck topples over, the aftermath can be devastating. In addition, the cargo itself can often be the cause of a truck accident. If the cargo was too heavy, dangerous by nature or if it was loaded in a lop-sided manner, then an accident will either be more likely or more dangerous — or even both.

Speeding, sleepy drivers, heavy cargo: all three factors are part of this crash, despite it’s humorous nature. It is an unfortunate reminder that trucks are very dangerous out on the road, and if they cause a wreck, the victims need to be prepared for the legal aftermath.

Source: ABC 13, “Truck spills 22 tons of pizza dough, flour in Arizona crash,” Associated Press, Oct. 29, 2015


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