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December 2015 Archives

Police car at crash scene t-boned by possibly impaired driver

Two police officers and another person were injured in a car crash recently after a vehicle barreled into the side of a police car even though its lights were flashing. The police car was stopped on the road, along with a tow truck (which also had its lights flashing), to attend to another car accident. All of a sudden, another vehicle smashed into the side of the police car, causing a T-bone accident.

Too often, holiday time means DUI time

It's the holidays, and everyone is in a festive mood. Families are getting together, long lost friends are seeing each other for the first time in many years, and there's just an air of happiness all around. However, things aren't always rosy during the holiday season. With that festive mood comes festive parties, and many people will be consuming alcohol during these parties. It's just something to be prepared for.

Be very careful when using social media during a divorce

When it comes to social media and divorce, there's only one rule to live by if you want to eliminate any risks: don't use social media during a divorce. It is the only way to truly protect yourself from the dangers of social media while you and your spouse are calling it quits.

You must prove fault in the wake of a car accident

Imagine that you and another person are involved in a car accident. Each person was driving on their own, and no one is seriously injured -- but you suffered some moderate injuries in the crash. In the moments immediately after the crash, you think that this crash was the other driver's fault. In fact, witnesses of the crash tell you that it was the other driver's fault too. "He clearly crashed into me," you think. 

Head-on collision may have been due to impairment

Two vehicles collided head on in a recent accident in Phoenix, Arizona. The result were fatal, unfortunately. One vehicle was described by witnesses as speeding and driving erratically when it suddenly crossed the center line and crashed into another vehicle. The driver of the erratic vehicle was killed in the accident, while the driver of the struck vehicle survived the crash, though she did so while suffering serious injuries. She remains hospitalized in serious condition.

What forms of child custody are there?

That may seem like a somewhat silly question to ask, because some people may assume child custody only comes in one form: either a parent has custody or they don't. But in actuality, child custody has many different forms, and the ultimate agreement can be modified with different provisions and rules.

5 people killed in accident, alcohol and speeding suspected

A fatal car accident in Chandler, Arizona claimed five lives last weekend. The two vehicles involved were approaching each other when they were involved in a head-on crash. One of the vehicles had only one person in it, while the other vehicle had four people in it. The crash claimed every life -- including the person widely considered to be at fault for the crash.

Motorcycle accident data: some scary figures to consider

Motorcycle accident data from the Insurance Information Institute shows why people who are hurt while riding a motorcycle need to consider their legal options after the crash. Before we get to that point, let's look at some of the basic data. The III looked at a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about fatal motorcycle accidents. The report found that 4,668 people died in such accidents in 2013. That represented a 6.4 percent decline from 2012.

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