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5 people killed in accident, alcohol and speeding suspected

| Dec 5, 2015 | Wrongful Death

A fatal car accident in Chandler, Arizona claimed five lives last weekend. The two vehicles involved were approaching each other when they were involved in a head-on crash. One of the vehicles had only one person in it, while the other vehicle had four people in it. The crash claimed every life — including the person widely considered to be at fault for the crash.

That man, a 32-year-old, had two prior DUIs on his record. The police believe that speeding and alcohol likely were factors in this crash. The 32-year-old survived the crash temporarily, but passed away at a hospital later.

This is a tragic and sad story, and it is tough to read this and take any lesson from it. Instead, you likely feel outrage. That’s perfectly understandable. It is astonishing that people still go out, consume alcoholic beverages and then decide that they are fine to drive. It’s negligent, irresponsible and dangerous. And yet, every day, it keeps happening.

What makes this story worse than other DUI stories (as if it is worth our time “grading” DUIs) is the fact that we are talking about a repeat offender here. How many lessons are necessary before people realize that they just shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol.

Reckless drivers like this should be held responsible for their actions not just in criminal court, but civil court as well. Victims of such unfortunate accidents should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney if they are considering civil legal action.

Source:, “Records: Driver in fatal Chandler crash had 2 prior DUIs,” Nicole Praga and Faith Miller, Dec. 1, 2015


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