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Multi-car wreck in Glendale leaves 7 people injured

| Jan 4, 2016 | Car Accidents

In some cases, getting into a car accident is just the beginning of a terrible day. In other cases, it’s the awful conclusion to a forgettable day. But in many other cases, the victims don’t have the time to consider all of the possible adjectives they could use to describe their day or the accident. Instead, they suffer serious injuries and are too busy trying to recover from the wreck to consider the qualitative descriptions of the incident.

We bring this up in light of a car accident in Glendale, Arizona. Two vehicles were involved in the crash and seven people were hurt as a result of the collision. Three of these injured people needed to be transported to trauma centers for their injuries, and the other four people suffered “non-life threatening” injuries.

Other than that, few details are known about this wreck. Was either driver impaired? Was negligence involved? Could the wreck been prevented in any way? Unfortunately we don’t know, and considering the story is a little bit older, it is unlikely any updates will make it into the news.

What this wreck shows is that many people can be hurt even when only a couple of cars are involved. The injuries suffered by car accident victims can vary wildly, but often they are severe. People can suffer truly debilitating whiplash that changes their life if not permanently, then at least temporarily. And that’s if they are lucky. Sometimes catastrophic or fatal injuries can occur, and in these cases, the victim (or his or her loved ones) need to consider legal action.

Source: ABC 15, “Seven hurt in two-car crash in Glendale,” Dec. 6, 2015


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