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The lure of the road: some things for motorcyclists to think about

| Jan 15, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, you might quite readily come up with a list of terms that describe you and your attitude toward riding.

Like prepared. Careful. Independent.

How about endangered?

Although it’s no fun to dwell on an association like that, of course, paying homage to the concept can be useful for bikers, in that it literally keeps them on their toes and off the pavement.

Right or wrong, the roadway is far from being a neutral and egalitarian place, and experienced motorcyclists know that. They well appreciate that their continued safety while out riding is primarily determined by their unflagging abilities to focus on their surrounding environment and compensate for the shortcomings of many drivers in passenger vehicles.

“Part of your job as a motorcyclist is to develop a precognitive sixth sense,” notes a recent article on motorcycle riding challenges and safety.

That might be an unfair exaction, but there it is. Drivers in cars and trucks don’t routinely have to operate with such demanding vigilance; it is bikers alone who bear an outsized crash-avoidance burden when behind the wheel.

The above-cited article notes a number of safety tips for riders that we think are useful and pass along, with the attorneys at our firm knowing that safety is a paramount matter for motorcycle enthusiasts.

In fact, we note on a motorcycle safety and accident page at the Arizona personal injury law firm of Trullinger & Wenk, PLLC, that “even the most skilled, safety-conscious cyclists and their passengers are extremely vulnerable when a crash occurs.”

Motorcyclists in Maricopa County and across the state who are injured in accidents featuring third-party negligence have a number of distinct and pressing matters regarding liability and compensation to contend with.

A proven plaintiffs’ personal injury attorney can help them address relevant issues and pursue legal claims focused on maximum recoveries for the injuries they suffered that can be attributed to the careless or inattentive behavior of other parties.


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