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T-bone accident sends 2 to hospital with serious injuries

| Feb 16, 2016 | Car Accidents

A recent T-bone accident in Phoenix left two people in “extremely critical condition” as the police continued to investigate the wreck. The other person involved in the crash — the driver that T-boned the vehicle carrying the two older people — was also injured, but that driver didn’t need to be hospitalized.

There are not many other details for this story, but we can glean some interesting aspects from the story just off of what is given. For example, the police looking into the crash (which is standard for major accidents like this) means that an official report will be compiled about the crash. This is important because that report can state if someone was negligent or at fault in the wreck — thus supplying evidence to a victim of the accident if they pursued a civil lawsuit.

The other important factor here is the simple fact that it is a T-bone accident. With T-bone accidents, it is very common for someone to have made a mistake while driving. Someone could have been making an illegal turn, or maybe someone ran a red light. In other words, T-bone accidents are typically caused by reckless or negligent drivers.

It will be interesting to see if the investigation turns up anything in this case. If it does, the victims could pursue civil litigation against whichever driver is deemed negligent. That may not be something that the victims want to think about in the wake of a car accident, but it is often an important step to take.

Source: ABC 15, “PD: Elderly couple seriously hurt in Phoenix crash,” Feb. 10, 2016


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