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Reasons people keep their new last names even after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Family Law

You got married, and you changed your last name. It signified a new chapter in your life. Now you’re getting divorced, and you’re wondering what to do. Should you switch your name back or keep your ex’s name?

Most people may immediately assume it’s time to change your name again. However, some people who have been through it gave the following reasons for keeping it:

— It can help the kids. They’re going to have your married last name, after all. You may not want to change yours so that it’s different. One woman said she didn’t think of the name as her ex’s, but as her child’s.

— It may help you still feel like you’re on a “team” with your ex. Sure, this isn’t what everyone wants, but some people are on good terms after divorce. They may want to remain a team while raising a child, even if they’re not married.

— It can be annoying to change it back. Not only do you have to think about a driver’s license, a passport and other official documents, but you’ll also want to change it on social media. Some people find this embarrassing and don’t change it just to avoid having to tell people they’re connected to online.

— You may have a professional identity. Maybe you started a company in your own name. You’ve worked on branding for a decade. You don’t want to lose that just because of the divorce.

Obviously, everyone will feel differently about their last name after a divorce. But it’s simply one more thing you should consider while looking into your rights and the legal steps you need to take.

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