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Protect your minor kids by officially naming a guardian

If you are one of the numerous Arizona residents who have young children still living at home, you likely have ideas about who you would want to take care of them if anything were to happen to you or their other parent. It is one thing to have an idea and another to actually have a legally binding plan in place. You can protect your minor children and prevent family conflict by officially naming a guardian for them.

What do parenting coordinators do?

Despite having a detailed parenting plan in place, some co-parents just aren't able to work together to raise their children -- particularly when the wounds of the breakup are still open. They may find themselves constantly mired in disputes or unable to communicate at all. That's where a parenting coordinator can help.

How should prospective adoptive parents prepare for a home visit?

Adopting a child can be a long, stressful, frustrating process. One of the most important early steps is the home study. These studies, which are a required part of the adoption process, help adoption agencies learn more about the prospective parents and others in the home where the child would be living as well as about the home itself.

Study: Divorce can impact kids' educational future past childhood

Divorcing parents are often concerned about the impact of their split on their children's current academic performance. However, according to a recently published study, young people whose parents divorced when they were under 18 are less likely to graduate from college or go on to obtain a graduate or professional degree.

Do signs of dementia have you considering a conservatorship?

As you grew older, you likely felt happy to have started your own family and to have had your children to look after. Of course, you were likely also happy that at least one of your parents was still around to also play a role in your growing family and to see how much you have accomplished in life. However, more recently, you may have had some growing concerns about your parent's well-being.

The importance of courtroom etiquette in custody hearings

Perhaps you and your co-parent haven't been able to reach a child custody agreement on your own, with your attorneys' help. Maybe you want to modify the agreement you already have, but your co-parent is fighting it (or vice versa). Whatever the situation, you've got a court date for a child custody hearing.

Good male role models are essential for girls without dads around

If you're a divorced mother with a young daughter whose father is largely out of your lives, for whatever reason, you may be concerned about her growing up without a father figure. Certainly, many children who are raised by one parent or by two parents of the same gender grow up to be happy, well-adjusted adults. However, it's generally best when kids can have positive male and female role models in their lives.

Survey: Too many pastors have no estate plan

Since pastors spend a fair amount of time considering the afterlife, one might expect that they are vigilant about their estate planning. "Pastors know they can't take it with them," as the head of the Southern Baptist Foundation points out. However, that doesn't mean that they're taking the necessary steps to care for their loved ones who are left behind.

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