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Getting through work when getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Divorce

Arizona couples who are going through a divorce know that separating from their spouses takes a huge emotional toll. Individuals who do not take adequate measures to stay emotionally healthy risk having a breakdown and possibly losing their jobs. There is no shame in feeling the psychological stress of a divorce, which is said to be second only to the loss of a family member or another loved one. By opening themselves up to support from family and friends, people who are getting divorced can take a first step in coming to terms with their situation.

Another suggestion for individuals going through a divorce is to let their bosses know what is going on. Though it is not a great idea to get into sordid details about the divorce with coworkers, it is good for an employer to be aware of an employee’s possible limitations during a traumatic period in his or her life. If someone does not feel comfortable talking to a boss, an HR manager or other supervisor could be a good point of contact.

People also need to take time for themselves when going through this life-changing process, and they should work on forgiving themselves and their exes for any wrongdoing that happened in the relationship. Though this will take some time, a therapist may be able to assist. Having a support system outside of work also ensures that divorcing individuals do not develop an unhealthy obsession with work as a distraction.

In addition to developing healthy coping mechanisms for getting through a divorce, it is also a good idea to rely on the help of a professional for more complicated matters. A family law attorney can help clients navigate issues about the separation of community property and other assets, among other things.