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Common reasons why married couples separate

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Divorce

Arizona residents seeking to separate can get divorced without a judge finding fault in one of the spouses. Though couples must show that their marriage is “irretrievably broken,” there is no need for assigning blame to either or both spouses. This system, in which no showing of fault needs to be made, is known as “no-fault divorce.” Prior to around 1970, states would only grant a divorce if one person in the marriage was “at fault.”

Understanding no-fault divorce

Before no-fault divorce, individuals would sometimes make false allegations against their spouses since this was the only way that they could get a divorce. For instance, one spouse may have fabricated a claim of being abused by crying for help and calling neighbors as witnesses. You can probably agree that no-fault divorce is less problematic than at-fault divorce, but wrongful acts like domestic violence and adultery may still be the impetus for divorce to this day. Other common reasons people get a divorce are excessive fighting, lack of intimacy, money problems and incompatibility based on background and beliefs.

Financial hardship

When one spouse loses a job or falls on hard times, this can put a strain on the relationship. According to some divorce lawyers, women are more likely to take issue with an unemployed spouse or a spouse with a low salary.


Incompatibility stemming from different cultural and religious upbringing often becomes a bigger issue when a couple starts having children. Having a different background and being of different races or religions can significantly impact how people want to raise their kids in terms of discipline and schooling, among other things. Whether or not a couple has kids, they will likely find themselves fighting more if they do not share the same values and beliefs. Fighting can also stem from frustrations over a lack of intimacy, which tends to drive people apart.

When a couple’s therapist is unable to help spouses through these disputes, the next step may be to consult a divorce attorney. A family law firm may help an individual deal with the practical matters of dividing property and negotiating child custody.