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Divorce is not just a legal matter

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Divorce

What are the first concerns that spring to mind when you consider a divorce? If you have children, then custody will likely be your primary concern. If you do not, it is probably financial worries that dominate your immediate thinking.

While those are the two big issues, divorce will affect your life in many more ways and preparing for them can help reduce any harm.

Your health

Losing the singular biggest relationship in your life is bound to affect anyone. How much it affects you, in particular, depends on many things. For example:

  • Which of you decided to divorce
  • What led to the divorce
  • How long your relationship lasted
  • How happy you were in your marriage
  • Your confidence in your future prosperity
  • Your social network outside your marriage
  • Your existing mental and emotional health


Some people find that divorcing boosts all aspects of their health. For instance, if you have not been happy for years, escaping may be the positive step you need. However, others can plummet into anxiety and depression, which could manifest in a deterioration in their physical health.

Assembling a solid support team and seeking professional help when needed will be crucial to protecting your health.

Your social life

Divorcees are no longer victims of the social stigmatization that was once common. Yet divorcing can still have a massive effect within your social circles, especially with people who feel you were to blame or who feel they must reject you to stay loyal to your spouse. Expect to lose some friends and family, but remember your newfound freedom is also a great chance to meet new people.

Getting legal help throughout the divorce process will allow you to concentrate on the other non-legal aspects crucial to a quick recovery from this major life change.