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3 secure storage options for your estate planning documents

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Estate Planning and Wills

If you are visiting this blog, you already understand the value of creating a solid estate plan. It protects your family’s inheritance, minimizes taxes and allows you to direct your healthcare regardless of your condition.

Unfortunately, a well-prepared estate plan does little good if no one knows where to find your important documents. Instead of storing your estate plan in the top desk drawer, give the matter more thought to ensure it stays safe from theft, disaster and curious relatives.

At home storage

You can keep your estate planning papers in your home but consider securing these documents. They are no one else’s business while you are alive and healthy. A fireproof and waterproof safe ensures your estate plan is kept private, plus it can help these documents survive a natural or home-based disaster (fire, etc.).

Bank storage

Many feel a bank safety deposit box is the safest storage option. While these boxes are very secure, they pose at least two potential problems. Your executor or family may have problems accessing it without a court order. Your estate plan may be lost or compromised if you cannot pay your box rent.

Law firm storage

An easy way to securely store these documents is to leave a copy of your most recently updated estate plan with your legal representative. It will be safe from snooping, fires, floods, theft and other hazards. You will rest easy knowing that your executor and loved ones can access your plan if you die or become physically or mentally incapacitated.

Since Arizona estate planning laws are subject to rapid change, remember to ensure your plan complies by scheduling regular reviews.