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What forms of child custody are there?

That may seem like a somewhat silly question to ask, because some people may assume child custody only comes in one form: either a parent has custody or they don't. But in actuality, child custody has many different forms, and the ultimate agreement can be modified with different provisions and rules.

What formulas are used to determine child support?

When many people consider the prospect of paying child support, they likely think that process will be "fair." Now, the idea of what is "fair" paradoxically changes from person to person, which makes child support such a tricky process. But, in general, people who are going into child support discussions think that the ultimate determination will take all the factors into account and will come out to be an affordable and "fair" payment.

Missing child support payments can trigger downwards spiral

Child support may not exactly be a "forgotten" element to divorce, but it certainly takes a back seat to some other issues -- most notably to it's associated issue, child custody. Child support payments can drastically affect the lives of the two spouses and the child involved.

Post-divorce issues that deal with child custody and support

When it comes to divorce, there are a bevy of issues on the table for the soon-to-be-exes. Any one of these issues could end up being the "major" issue in their divorce. But, in many cases where sons or daughters are involved in the marriage, child custody is the most contentious issue of the divorce between two spouses. The issue can even spill over into the months and years after a custody arrangement or divorce agreement has been finalized.

Child custody, property division play role in Dempsey divorce

When it comes to divorce, there are two topics that usually "take the cake" in terms of potential disagreement and emotional distress: children and finances. These are usually the two biggest factors in a divorce, no matter how amicable the splitting spouses may be. In the case of child custody, even if joint custody can be agreed to, the splitting spouses may disagree on other elements to the custody agreement (holiday time, visitation, and other factors).

On child custody, co-parenting, and managing relationships

Let's say that you and your spouse, after many years of happy marriage that yielded two kids, decide it is time for a divorce. The two of you agree to joint custody of the kids, as neither one of you wants the other to go without spending significant time with your kids. It's an important part of their developmental, as well as a crucial factor in your life.

Modification of Custody

In order to change a custody schedule (now known as parenting time) the parent requesting a change must show a "substantial and continuing change in circumstances" that justifies a modification.  The "substantial" change may be something such as one of the parent's moving residences that makes the current parenting schedule more burdensome; or perhaps one of the parent's work schedulle changed; or maybe the children are just older and their school schedule has changed.

Child custody mediation, and what you can do about it

Divorce is already jarring enough to your routine and your child's routine. But a part of divorce is dividing your assets, your time, and in a purely figurative way, your children. In many cases, the splitting spouses are able to reach a child custody agreement before things go to court, thereby ensuring that custody will be shared in some way. Such an agreement makes sure each parent gets some time with their child.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney can be expensive.  However, not having representation can be even more costly.  An experienced lawyer knows what needs to be done and handles the procedural issues that need to be completed.  If you are not familiar with the statutes and rules that govern your case, you willl not recieve assistance from the Judge and certainly not from opposing counsel.  A person representing him/herself is held to the same standards as an attorney.

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