What to include in every estate plan

Regardless of age or net worth, you should always consider creating an estate plan. Without one, your assets and personal wishes after you’re gone might not be fulfilled the way you’d like them to be. However, people often overlook many essential components when drafting their estate plans. So, what elements should you incorporate into your estate

Is the second divorce different?

Remarrying shows courage – you went through a divorce but were brave enough to give love another chance. However, irreconcilable issues can make you dissolve your second marriage. But will it be different this time? The second and subsequent divorce can be more manageable. Here is why. You have gone through it before Divorce in itself

Why choose divorce mediation over going to court?

When resolving marital disputes, divorce mediation has emerged as a highly effective and sought-after alternative to traditional courtroom battles. With its emphasis on open communication, collaboration and mutually-beneficial solutions, divorce mediation offers numerous advantages over the adversarial nature of litigation. Understanding why choosing divorce mediation over court proceedings can be a wise and beneficial decision

Why are temporary orders in divorce crucial?

When going through a divorce, particularly when you can’t agree on crucial matters, the court may give you temporary orders, which you will use until the final ones are issued. The divorce process can be lengthy – it can be stressful if couples lack “ground rules” during this period, hence temporary orders. These orders will cover the

What can I do to move on after my divorce?

Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience, but it also presents an opportunity for personal growth and a fresh start. Moving on after a divorce requires intentional effort and self-care. Here are some practical tips to help you navigate the healing process and embrace this new chapter in your life. Embrace self-reflection and allow yourself

Why you should update your estate plan after a divorce

Divorce is a life-altering event that brings about significant changes in various aspects of your life. While the emotional and financial implications of divorce are obvious, it’s easy to overlook the impact a divorce can have on your estate plan. Are you unsure about the importance of updating your estate plan during this transitional phase?

Is leaving my home to my grown kids a good idea?

Your home is incredibly important to you on many levels. There’s a sentimental connection to the house where you have so many memories. Additionally, it may be your most valuable asset. As you approach estate planning, you’ll want to take both of these things into account. You may decide that it’s advisable to leave your

Preparing for the unknown: 3 benefits of a living will

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you could not make medical decisions yourself? A severe illness or injury could incapacitate you, making it impossible to communicate your medical preferences, such as the treatment you would want to be used to keep you alive, end-of-life care and other medical decisions. You may have

Creating a workable virtual visitation plan

Creating a workable virtual visitation plan can help co-parents to maintain a consistent relationship with their children via technology. A well-structured plan can ensure regular communication and meaningful interactions between each parent and their child, whenever the child is residing with the other parent. The keys to a workable virtual visitation plan essentially center on being considerate

3 common challenges that arise in co-parenting arrangements

Shared custody arrangements put a lot of pressure on families. Parents have to abide by a very strict schedule and negotiate any alterations to that schedule ahead of time. They need to communicate with one another and keep the focus on children whenever possible. The children have to deal with frequent transitions and the potential

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