Can I get supervised visitation in Arizona?

Most parents in the Phoenix area would probably agree that, in a perfect world, they would share custody of their children in such a way that both parents would have input in important decisions and would also spend plenty of time with the children.

Unfortunately, though, few Arizona parents live in an ideal world. In fact, it is usually precisely because their relationships are far from perfect that they wind up having to raise children on their own in the first place. In some cases, the underlying problem could even be physical or emotional abuse.

Like many other states, Arizona has laws in place to protect children, and their custodial parents, from domestic abuse.

Under these laws, if a judge in this state determines that one parent committed what the law calls an act of domestic violence against the other parent, then the judge may presume that the parent who did so cannot safely have parenting time with the children. It will be on that parent to show the court that some parenting time is possible.

It is important to note in this respect that one need not have been convicted of a crime in order for a family law judge to find that a parent committed an act of domestic violence.

Assuming that the parent accused of committing domestic violence can prove he or she should get parenting time at all, the judge may order supervised parenting time or impose other restrictions.

Domestic violence is only one of the grounds under which a parent may ask for supervised visitation. Courts may also order it in other circumstances, like when a parent is addicted to alcohol or drugs.

A parent with questions about supervised visitation should strongly consider speaking to an experienced child custody attorney.

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