Gray divorce rates are on the rise

In recent years, an interesting phenomenon has become apparent concerning divorce rates. Age plays a huge role in the likelihood that a couple will go the distance at any given point in their relationship. For most people who are under 50, the divorce rate is going down. But for those who are over 50, the

Will a divorce affect a child’s chances of going to college?

Parents often worry about how the end of their relationship might affect the lives of their children. They worry about how divorce might reduce everyone’s standard of living or how the children may suffer emotionally because of the sudden change in their family circumstances. There is plenty of research affirming the negative impact that parental

Is the second divorce different?

Remarrying shows courage – you went through a divorce but were brave enough to give love another chance. However, irreconcilable issues can make you dissolve your second marriage. But will it be different this time? The second and subsequent divorce can be more manageable. Here is why. You have gone through it before Divorce in itself

Why are temporary orders in divorce crucial?

When going through a divorce, particularly when you can’t agree on crucial matters, the court may give you temporary orders, which you will use until the final ones are issued. The divorce process can be lengthy – it can be stressful if couples lack “ground rules” during this period, hence temporary orders. These orders will cover the

What can I do to move on after my divorce?

Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience, but it also presents an opportunity for personal growth and a fresh start. Moving on after a divorce requires intentional effort and self-care. Here are some practical tips to help you navigate the healing process and embrace this new chapter in your life. Embrace self-reflection and allow yourself

What if I don’t want a divorce?

When your spouse asks you for a divorce, you feel surprised and shocked. You certainly don’t want to get divorced. Maybe you felt like there were some issues with the marriage, but you would rather work through them. You don’t simply want to end that marriage. However, when you talk to your spouse, they’re adamant

Should my divorce go through mediation?

Not so long ago, the divorce process in the U.S. always involved both parties standing before a judge and that judge rendering a ruling in re: asset division and – if applicable – child custody and child support. Nowadays, the vast majority of divorces are resolved without judicial intervention. Sometimes, spouses are able to draw

How divorce may benefit you

Are you feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage? Then, it’s time to break free and rebuild your life. While some people consider divorce a taboo, you should understand that divorce can happen to anyone. The divorce process may be emotionally painful, but many advantages come with divorce. Depending on the specific circumstances of your divorce,

Are you headed for a January divorce?

It may be hard to contemplate amid all the holiday excitement, but if you suspect that your marriage is headed for a New Year’s break-up, you’re not alone. January is one of the biggest months of the year (if not the biggest) for new divorce filings. A lot of times, a spouse who files for divorce in

5 tips to encourage a peaceful divorce

People who are going through a divorce probably want to have a peaceful experience. This is sometimes possible, especially when both parties agree to keep things amicable. A peaceful divorce can help you start your new life with less stress. If you have children, they’ll likely be able to learn about how to cope with

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