4 reasons a will could be challenged

Contesting a will can be both complicated and controversial. It often happens when someone already feels like he or she was unfairly cut out of the will, or that assets were not distributed as they should have been. In some cases, if the effort is successful, the will may not be followed. Four reasons a will

3 huge reasons why you must have an estate plan

Don’t think that you’re too young to have an estate plan, or that you don’t have enough assets. Don’t assume that you can put it off and do it next year. Experts have noted that there are a few huge reasons why you need to get your plan in place right now, such as: —

Inheritances can last generations with proper planning

Like other young Arizona families, you might not think that you need estate planning yet. Wills and trusts are just for older people, right? Actually, estate plans are for every adult, and become crucial if you have children and will inherit significant assets from your parents. Providing for children is often a big motivator for

3 questions you should ask about passing on your vacation home

You’ve had a great time at the family vacation home over the years, and now you want to put it into the estate plan so that it is passed on to your kids. Below are three questions to ask. How will ownership be set up? Of course, you can just make all of your kids

Most significant wealth is gone by the second generation

You’ve worked hard your whole life to build up money you can pass on to your children. You think of it as a lasting legacy to them, something to give them an advantage and make their lives easier. If you have, though, you should know that 70 percent of rich families see that wealth deteriorate

Discussing tricky situations with inheritance

Hearing the term “inheritance” probably puts a thought of entitlement in your mind. This doesn’t make you an entitled person — it’s just that it is perfectly natural to assume that you will be the recipient of assets when you are included in a will. Inheritance is inherently about accumulating assets or benefits to a

On revoking a will and what it means for you and your estate

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a post about wills and their incredible importance to your estate plan. More specifically, we talked about how updating your will frequently is critical because if you don’t update this document, you risk having clauses and provisions in there that don’t reflect your current mindset about your estate and your

Make sure you update your will frequently

Life would be so much simpler if you could predict the future. You could comfortably set up your life to fit in with whatever twists and turns life originally had planned for your non-prophetic ways. But of course, no one can see the future and nothing is done for you to make things easier for

Don’t forget about guardianship

After your first child was born you came home from the hospital, took a nap, then went straight into planning for your family’s future. You finished the will, signed the insurance papers, and the college fund is growing, but there’s an oft-overlooked step that’s almost as important to your children as you are. Who, in

College kids and parents put minds at ease with estate planning

Going to class, studying and finding the best party of the weekend might all be on a college student’s agenda, but one very important thing usually is not — their wills. Estate planning might not seem necessary for young adults who may not, otherwise, have much to their names, but there are real consequences for

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