Can you add a no-contest clause to your Arizona will?

The goal of creating an estate plan is to maintain control over your care as you age and your property after you die. Whether you have a will or a trust, you likely spent a significant amount of time deciding the best way to divide your property among your loved ones. You want to leave

Your estate plan needs to factor in your debts, not just property

When you talk to your children about your estate plan, you probably tell them who you want to receive certain property and how you want to split your remaining assets among them. However carefully you plan, your legacy could come apart at the seams if your estate plan does not include appropriate provisions for your

3 common estate planning mistakes

You probably know the importance of estate planning and might be thinking of how to go about it. While it’s never too late to act, you need to be careful not to cause any misunderstanding when you are gone. For example, an improperly drafted will can throw succession plans in disarray, and the conflict may stretch to

Estate planning is not exclusive to the wealthy

Estate planning is often misconstrued as something that only rich people need to consider. This may be partly due to the term “estate” itself. Literally, the word means a vast amount of property or land. However, in terms of estate planning, the definition has a much wider scope. Whether you’re old, young, married, single or wealthy,

What can an estate plan do for your young children?

For young people, estate planning is often the last thing on their minds. If you’re running your own business or caring for your newborn child, where are you going to find the time? While estate planning may not be your top priority as a young parent, it is certainly something that warrants consideration. If not

Reasons to tackle your estate plan now rather than later

It’s not easy to think about what will happen should you become incapacitated, let alone discuss the topic with other people. Nonetheless, the subject is important and many find it to be easier than anticipated. Part of coming to terms with the estate planning process is realizing the benefits it can bring. Due to the

How do you know you’ve chosen the right guardian?

As a young couple with children, your life is really just beginning. While it is most likely that you will go on to live a happy life for many years, it is important to cover all possibilities. Estate planning can do you no harm. However, neglecting it can cause distress for both you and your

Key aspects that you might address in your will

An estate plan allows you to plan for your future, your assets as well as your loved ones. While many people overlook it, planning about what will happen to your assets and loved ones when you pass on is quite important. If you die intestate (without an estate plan), the government will make critical decisions

What is a power of attorney in an estate plan?

While many people think about trusts and wills as the only components of estate planning, there’s much more to it. Part of having a comprehensive estate plan is getting a plan set up to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated. One critical component of your estate plan is the power of attorney designation. There are

Divorcing? Don’t forget your estate plans or your credit

For some people who are going through a divorce, the legal matters surrounding the divorce are the only thing they focus on. While those are important, there are a couple of other points that you have to think about if you’re in this position. Two things that are critically important after your divorce are determining

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