Divorcing? Don’t forget your estate plans or your credit

For some people who are going through a divorce, the legal matters surrounding the divorce are the only thing they focus on. While those are important, there are a couple of other points that you have to think about if you’re in this position. Two things that are critically important after your divorce are determining

Why is discussing your estate plan a good idea?

If you have made an estate plan, then you are ahead of many people. A recent survey showed that 58% percent of adults do not have one. The next thing you should do is tell your family about it. If the idea is unappealing, think about why? If you are afraid it will cause problems, then you

Can you leave your home in a senior community to a loved one?

Are you one of the many Arizona residents who live in a retirement community that is limited to residents who are seniors? Typically, the age restriction in these communities is 55 years of age and over. Your home is likely one of the largest single assets you have, so as you do your estate planning,

What’s the role of a health care power of attorney?

It is easier to plan our day than to make decisions around how the end of our lives will be spent. On one level, it is common to consider estate planning from the viewpoint of passing away. However, a living will that name a personal representative as power of attorney can help to make healthcare

Just bought a house? Add it to your estate plan

There are a few times when it’s a good idea to add items to your estate plan or to update your estate plan to be sure it is as protective as it can be. One of the times when you should update your estate plan is if you’ve purchased a piece of property. As a

Can you alter an irrevocable trust?

The name of an irrevocable trust suggests that it can never be changed — and that is the general idea of having an irrevocable trust in the first place. These are trusts that you’re only supposed to make when you’re very sure of exactly how you want to use the assets you’re putting into them. You can’t

Estate planning should include family pets

For most people, their pets are members of the family. They care for their furry friends (some even refer to them as their children!) and provide them with everything they need to have a long, happy life. But, many people don’t consider what’s going to happen to those beloved pets if the owners pass away.

Want to leave money to your grandkids?

You’ve done pretty well for yourself, and your adult children are all fairly secure in their lives. They even have children of their own now — and you adore your grandchildren. In fact, you’re starting to think that you’d prefer to leave much of your assets to your grandchildren to help ensure that they will get a

Estate planning and separations: When should you update your plan?

If you’re getting separated from your spouse, you may be looking into changing your estate plan. Changing your estate plan, or at the very least reviewing it, is important to making sure that it reflects what you want to have happen if you cannot take care of yourself or pass away. During a separation, you

Estate planning documents that married couples without children should draft

A life milestone like the impending birth often motivates a couple to sit down and engage in estate planning. Unexpected outcomes can happen at any time for anyone, though. It’s equally essential for childless married couples to document their final wishes as well. What happens if you pass away without a will? Most states’ intestate succession laws,

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