Choosing between open and closed adoption

Traditionally, closed adoptions are very common. However, in the last few decades, open adoptions have become an option that many birth parents and adoptive parents have begun to consider, both for themselves and for the well-being and future of the child.

This blog will give an impartial overview on the legalities of closed and open adoptions, and what benefits and limitations there are in regards to each.

Closed adoptions

Closed adoptions have become extremely rare in the United States, however they used to be common. International adoptions are usually closed, often because of the circumstances and expectations of the birth parents.

In closed adoptions, it is common for the adoptive parents to not know who the birth parents are. Even if they do know the identity of the adoptive parents, they should have no contact whatsoever once the adoption has taken place.

Closed adoptions are often sealed physically, and it is becoming possible for court proceedings to be successful in the act of “opening” a previously closed adoption.

Open adoptions

Open adoptions are fast becoming the new norm. In this situation, the birth parents and adoptive parents are encouraged to have good communication and occasionally meet. It allows more power for the birth parent to choose the adoptive parents, and is considered healthy for the child to be able to one day learn of the circumstances of their adoption, and to help them to establish their identity.

Reviewing your case

It is common for those considering adoption to have many questions about the risks. It is advisable to seek legal guidance on family law so that your case can be assessed.

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