Do signs of dementia have you considering a conservatorship?

As you grew older, you likely felt happy to have started your own family and to have had your children to look after. Of course, you were likely also happy that at least one of your parents was still around to also play a role in your growing family and to see how much you have accomplished in life. However, more recently, you may have had some growing concerns about your parent’s well-being.

Mental issues often affect adults as they get older. While you may have noticed a strange action from your parent here or there, you may not have considered a forgetful moment as something for much concern. Now, you may have fears that Alzheimer’s or dementia could be affecting your parent.

Common signs

Though everyone forgets bits of conversations or plans made every now and again, some signs and symptoms may be red flags as a possible decline in mental capacity. If your parent has exhibited any of the following behaviors, you may have reason to worry:

  • Exhibiting confusion about how he or she arrived at a certain place or not knowing the location at all
  • Forgetting important information to a point that it disrupts daily life
  • Misplacing items or putting items in places they do not belong
  • Calling objects by the wrong name or not remembering the names of objects
  • Having trouble completing daily or common tasks at home or work
  • Acting differently or presenting personality changes
  • Becoming secluded or withdrawn
  • Making iincreasingly poor decisions

The last sign can be particularly troubling because your parent may end up putting himself or herself in danger or perhaps giving away a considerable amount of money without fully realizing what the action means.

What you can do

When your parent’s mental capacity decreases to a point where he or she can no longer make sound decisions, you may need to step in and make those decisions. However, you may not have the authority to do so, especially when it comes to financial transactions. Fortunately, you can take legal steps to seek conservatorship over your parent.

This step would allow you to act as a conservator and manage your parent’s financial affairs. Pursuing a conservatorship is not always easy, and it may be in your best interests to enlist the help of a legal professional to explain this option and help you move forward with the process if you wish to do so.

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