Do you need legal assistance naming a guardian for your child?

As the parent of a minor, you may have many concerns regarding the welfare of your child. Those concerns may relate to his or her health, safety, overall care or many other areas of life that could impact your child. Of course, you may also have worries that a day may come when you and your spouse can no longer care for your child. Though no parent wants to unexpectedly leave a child, sudden incidents could occur.

Rather than simply contemplate what you think could happen in the event that you could leave your child parentless, you can take a proactive approach and plan for such an event by appointing a guardian for your child in your will. While you may think that you could take such a step without legal assistance, consulting with an attorney could prove useful.

Reduce stress

Many individuals may think that, by simply writing a name in a document, their guardian appointment immediately becomes valid. However, you must follow certain legal channels and adhere to state statutes when it comes to naming a guardian and ensuring that you have made your wishes clear. If you do not fully understand the framework that goes into such an appointment, you may worry and stress that a court could deem your appointment invalid and that your child could land under the care of someone else.

By having an attorney available, you can have a knowledgeable individual ready and willing to help you understand the legal aspects of your guardianship appointment. As a result, you may feel less overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty.

Provide insight

In addition to explaining the legal process, an attorney can also help you understand what factors you may want to consider when appointing an individual as guardian. You may think that a certain person could fit the role, but the possibility exists that you have not considered all the potential ramifications of guardianship. Luckily, your legal counsel could ensure that you have given your candidate due consideration and looked at the situation from all angles before making your final choice.

Draft your wishes

Because the wording of your appointment and other aspects of your will could impact its interpretation, you may also wish to use your legal counsel to help draft your wishes to make sure that the meaning is clear and concise. If you have interest in gaining such assistance, you may want to speak with an Arizona attorney.

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