Having second thoughts about your divorce?

Change is rarely easy. Even when change is healthy and positive, it is rare that one is able to navigate significant change without encountering some practical and emotional challenges. Sometimes, these challenges can be beneficial. Not only can they clarify what still needs to be done, they can allow us to question whether a certain course of action is the healthiest route to take.

If you are navigating a divorce, you are almost certainly struggling with some pressing emotional, physical and practical challenges. This is entirely normal and is to be expected. And if one of the challenges you are encountering is cold feet regarding whether you should ultimately go through with your divorce, this is entirely normal as well.

Ultimately, your cold feet will allow you to question what you really want and what the healthiest course of action is for your life. No two marriages are exactly the same and neither are any two divorce processes. Sometimes, couples begin the divorce process only to discover that what they truly desire is to work out the challenges in their married lives. Other times, cold feet inspire a period of reflection that serves to reinforce the idea that divorce is the best possible option for a specific couple.

If you are having second thoughts about your divorce, consider taking whatever time and space you need to figure things out. Even if you are under a strict legal deadline, your attorney may be able to find ways to give you breathing room so that you can determine whether divorce is the best option for you. Whatever you do, do not allow anyone else to pressure you into making a decision so quickly that you ultimately regret whatever choice you end up embracing.

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