Helping you navigate family law issues in the divorce process

While no family is perfect, some families in Arizona and elsewhere deal with more complex matters than others. Take divorce for example. When parents part ways, this may be beneficial for the spouses because the marriage is no longer working. However, this can be a major and even traumatic life event for the children involved. Thus, it is imperative that divorcing parents consider the family law issues at hand and how best to resolve them and move forward.

It can be challenging to visualize solutions and an end to the divorce process when parents cannot agree on the major family law issues involved. The attorneys at Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC understand how emotional ending a marriage with children can be. Thus, we are sensitive to the matter, taking the time to guide our clients through any obstacle brought his or her way.

Our law firm is not only well versed in Arizona family law, but our legal team is also knowledgeable of the workable solutions available to our clients. When it comes to custody disputes, we take a realistic approach, keeping in mind the goals of our clients. Whether a parent seeks joint or sole custody, our attorneys will take the time to assess the facts of the matter, helping our clients obtain an optimal result.

Finances can create some of the most contentious divorce issues, and when it comes to child support, this is no different. Parents may not agree on the amount or costs that must be split in addition to paid monthly child support. By paying close attention to the financial details of both parents, our law firm seeks to arrive at an amount that best serves our client as well as the child or children involved.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s family law website. Navigating family law matters can be emotional and overwhelming. And in high conflict situations, it can be especially challenging to see any resolution on the horizon. A legal professional could help one understand what options are available, how best to proceed with the process and how to ensure the best interests of the children are met.

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