Helping your children adapt to living in two homes

Divorcing is something that you and your spouse both agree is necessary, but what you aren’t sure how to handle is your children’s reaction to the separation. You want them to be comfortable in both homes, but you know that the changes may make them uncomfortable no matter where they are.

Fortunately, there are some good ideas that can help you help your children adapt to living in two places. Here are four that may assist you as you adapt to a new normal.

Have meetings with your kids

It can help to have meetings with your children every week or once a month to go over questions or concerns about the custody schedule and what they like or don’t like about their new living arrangements. Even if you can’t change things, you will have a better idea of what they think and how you might be able to help them adjust.

Make sure your kids have the necessary items in both homes

Children probably don’t need duplicates of everything they own, but they should have the things they need at both houses. For example, your children should have clothing at both homes and some of their favorite toys. If they have medical needs, their medical equipment should be available in both homes.

Work on respecting each other

You can take steps to make sure you’re always respecting the other parent and their belongings. Showing your children that you can have respect despite your differences can help them better adapt to going between homes.

Commit to making shared custody work

Finally, commit to your custody arrangement. Even though you may not be happy with it, it’s important that you show your children that you’re trying to stick to the schedule and are respectful of the other parent’s time and effort, too.

Your children will adapt to the changes that have occurred, but you can make the process easier by being respectful, listening to them and making sure they have what they need no matter where they are. The right approach can make this divorce easier on everyone.

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