How can you divorce a narcissist safely?

If you are married to someone who you believe is a narcissist, then you may be in a position where you want to seek a divorce. It’s reasonable to want to divorce someone who you no longer love or get along with, but while you’re realistic about the situation, your spouse may not be.

If they are a narcissist, much of their time will be spent trying to control and manipulate others, even if it’s subconscious. The trouble with trying to divorce one is that they tend to have little or no empathy, even if you are upset about having to leave them.

They also have a strong sense of self-worth and the need for attention and admiration, so if they can’t get that attention from you in a positive way, they’ll become frustrated and may be ruthless during the divorce.

How can you prepare for a divorce?

The priority has to be to understand your legal rights. If you feel that your spouse is dangerous, talk to an attorney about seeking a restraining order or protective order once you file for divorce. If you want specific assets from your marital property, take time to document those in advance, so they can’t go missing.

Since your spouse may have a desire for attention, there is a high probability that they will try to drag out the divorce if they don’t get their way. At first, this may start with trying to have you stay in the marriage. If you’re firm, then they may turn more negative toward you and begin causing problems, such as fighting against allowing you to have any of the assets you want or your fair share of certain property.

The goal of a narcissist may be to punish you for trying to leave them, and that could make your divorce feel like a war. Fortunately, if your attorney is aware that your spouse has these narcissistic traits, they can help you prepare before you ask for a divorce so that there will be less that your spouse can fight against during the divorce process. There is support for people in your situation, so don’t be afraid to ask for it if you want to divorce your spouse.

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