Infant visitation has its own challenges

The same considerations that apply to regular custody schedules in Arizona are not always applicable when dealing with an infant’s schedule. The best interests of the infant do not necessarily mean that they spend overnight time with both parents. In fact, the infant is not ready for this immediately in most cases.

Each visitation schedule for an infant will depend on the facts and circumstances of the situation. Both parents will be able to spend time with the child. However, as the child goes through the first months of their life, one parent may be able to see them for short visits. Over time, the length of the visit will grow as the child gets older. However, overnight visits may not be a possibility when the child is very young. In fact, some courts may not order overnight visitation until a child is three. That does not mean that the parents are unable to reach an agreement on their own about visitation.

Parents should recognize the challenges of infant visitation and adjust their expectations accordingly. This is especially true when the infant is breastfeeding. The hope is that both parents will be reasonable when it comes to figuring out the right solution. There are times when breastfeeding may make visitation difficult, but there are solutions that can enable the other parent to spend time with the child.

child custody lawyer may help their client as they seek to figure out the right solution in consultation with the other parent. The hope is that the two parents can reach an acceptable agreement that is in the best interests of the child while allowing the parent to see their infant. If that is not possible, the attorney might represent their client when the matter goes in front of the judge for a hearing.

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