It’s hard, but discussing personal issues can matter in a divorce

When you are getting divorced, you will benefit greatly from legal advocacy. However, it is not enough to tell your representative that you plan to get a divorce. The person responsible for protecting your rights and assuring a fair settlement needs to know the details of your situation.

It is not easy for people to tell a stranger about the intimate parts of their life, but it is necessary. You may need to divulge fairly private information — some of which may even be painful to share.

Getting personal with your legal counsel

Many people in Goodyear and nearby areas find it easier to open up by starting with impersonal matters. For example, they begin by discussing financial or property issues related to their divorce that concern them.

An insightful advocate listens and begins drawing out more background information. As you relax and feel more comfortable, you will probably find it easier to divulge personal and potentially embarrassing details.

Some people feel that the intimate parts of marriage and its breakdown are no one else’s business. Unfortunately, such details may emerge anyway in discussions between your spouse and their advocate. If you fail to address them with your counsel, you may both feel blindsided before the court.

Why does your representative need intimate information?

The more your counsel knows about your circumstances, the better they can help you acquire a favorable settlement. Telling your counsel about adultery, illegal drug use and other issues ensures they are equipped to protect you throughout the divorce, even if you were the one who engaged in these behaviors.

If you need another reason to speak candidly with your representative, consider the following: Family courts in all states typically respond favorably to honest individuals that do not try to hide details of their marriage. Learning more about getting a divorce in Arizona can provide you with additional insight and direction for your own future.

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