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Helping your kids stay connected to your co-parent on vacation

Many families take their first post-divorce vacations over their kids' winter break. If your children are going away with your co-parent, if you're taking them on vacation to visit family or if you're taking them to enjoy some skiing up north or other adventure, it's essential to help your kids stay connected with their other parent while they're away.

Rebuilding your relationship with your kids in recovery

When divorced parents who've struggled with alcohol or drug dependency have been in recovery for a time, they often seek increased custody and visitation rights. It's essential to realize, however, that just because you believe that you can now be the parent your children need you to be, that doesn't mean that they're ready to let you.

Alcohol monitoring systems can increase holiday visitation time

If your spouse's alcohol abuse was an issue in your divorce and child custody negotiations, you may have concerns about your kids spending time with your co-parent over the holidays. Even if your ex has entered a recovery program and appears to have gotten control of their problem, the holidays can be a difficult time for those who have struggled — or continue to struggle — with alcohol.

Tips for introducing your new partner to your kids

During the holidays, many children of divorced parents meet those parents' new significant others for the first time. If your kids live some distance away and are visiting you over winter break, you likely want to introduce them to your new partner. Even if your kids live with you, with everyone off of school and work, it might seem like a good time to plan an outing. Perhaps you want your new partner to share in some of your family holiday festivities.

Custody of a child born to a surrogate in Arizona isn't automatic

Every year in Arizona, countless surrogates carry babies for parents who either can't or don't want to carry their own child. Many moms and dads enter into contracts with their surrogates to protect their interests despite there being laws on the books that prohibit parents from signing legal contracts between themselves and someone else birthing their child.

Understanding the impact of parental alcohol abuse on kids

Millions of kids have at least one parent who suffers from problems with alcohol. If you're divorcing a co-parent who abuses alcohol, you likely have seen the impact of that abuse on your children. If your co-parent hasn't admitted that they have a problem, hasn't sought help or has been unsuccessful in maintaining their sobriety, you may be seeking sole custody of your children to help ensure their physical and emotional well-being. You may also be requesting that your co-parent's visits with the kids be supervised.

Navigating parent-teacher conferences with your co-parent

One school activity that separated and divorced parents need to find a way to navigate is parent-teacher conferences. Whether it's a regular conference to discuss your child's progress or there's an issue that a teacher needs to discuss with you, parents must determine whether they're able to put aside their differences and attend these meetings together, to meet with the teacher separately or leave it to one parent to handle.

What do parenting coordinators do?

Despite having a detailed parenting plan in place, some co-parents just aren't able to work together to raise their children -- particularly when the wounds of the breakup are still open. They may find themselves constantly mired in disputes or unable to communicate at all. That's where a parenting coordinator can help.

The importance of courtroom etiquette in custody hearings

Perhaps you and your co-parent haven't been able to reach a child custody agreement on your own, with your attorneys' help. Maybe you want to modify the agreement you already have, but your co-parent is fighting it (or vice versa). Whatever the situation, you've got a court date for a child custody hearing.

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