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What should you look for in a family law attorney?

One of the first and most important decisions you'll make in your divorce is your choice of a family law attorney. As you talk to attorneys you're considering retaining, you'll be looking for someone who understands your priorities, such as keeping a fair share of the marital assets, getting the child custody rights you're seeking and/or obtaining the support agreement you need.

Can your spouse be required to pay your legal fees in a divorce?

Even relatively amicable, uncomplicated divorces cost money. When you hire an attorney, you will have to pay them for their time and services. However, having an attorney who knows how the process goes, understands Arizona family law and will work to get you a fair settlement can save you money in the long run.

Study: Divorce can impact kids' educational future past childhood

Divorcing parents are often concerned about the impact of their split on their children's current academic performance. However, according to a recently published study, young people whose parents divorced when they were under 18 are less likely to graduate from college or go on to obtain a graduate or professional degree.

Telling people about your divorce: Prepare an 'elevator speech'

Telling people about your divorce isn't going to be a "one and done" event, even if you post a Facebook message (on your own or together with your spouse). You'll be telling friends, neighbors, colleagues, people at your kids' schools and others in your business and social spheres for weeks and months to come.

Study: Some couples blame student loan debt for their divorce

More and more couples are going into marriage with a significant amount of student loan debt, which can take decades to repay. It can impact all areas of life — including marriage. Some couples don't feel they're in a financial position to buy a home or have children while they're still paying off their student loans.

Protecting your privacy during divorce is harder than ever

You and your spouse have separated. You're considering whether to get a divorce, or perhaps you've already begun the process. You may have been living essentially separate lives for some time and may now be living apart. However, your electronic footprints may still be intertwined.

How to live to together after you've split up (if you have to)

Not all couples who decide to divorce can afford to live in separate homes right away. Home prices and rents are on the rise in the metro Phoenix area. That's good news if you're selling your home in the divorce. Until then, however, it can make it difficult for one of you to leave the home and put some space between the two of you. You may be dealing with other financial issues that make it impossible to spread your combined household income over two homes.

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