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Gift giving mistakes that too many divorced parents make

Holiday gift giving can be a minefield for divorced parents and their children. Some kids might view receiving two sets of presents as one of the few upsides of their parents' divorce. However, if parents don't handle their gift giving in a mature and unselfish way, they can create highly stressful, unhappy situations for their kids. Following are a couple of situations to avoid.

How should prospective adoptive parents prepare for a home visit?

Adopting a child can be a long, stressful, frustrating process. One of the most important early steps is the home study. These studies, which are a required part of the adoption process, help adoption agencies learn more about the prospective parents and others in the home where the child would be living as well as about the home itself.

Back-to-school advice for separated and divorced parents

Is this your family's first fall since you and your spouse broke up? Maybe you've been separated or divorced for a time, but one or more of your kids is moving up to middle school or high school this year. Either way, this time of year brings challenges for co-parents who are no longer together and for their children. However, with some planning and cooperation, you can make things easier -- particularly for your kids.

Prepare for the added expenses of raising kids in two homes

If you and your spouse will be co-parenting your children in two different households after your divorce (as most divorced co-parents do), you need to be prepared for added expenses. That's true whether you're sharing custody 50/50 or one of you will have primary custody and the other has visitation rights. These expenses should be detailed in your child support agreement to prevent conflict and confusion.

What divorced parents should know before they remarry

You've been divorced for awhile now, and you are engaged to marry someone else. Your future spouse and your children get along. Things are going smoothly. However, there are still some important things you need to consider before you book the country club, send out the wedding invitations and plan the honeymoon cruise.

The new tax law and alimony provisions in prenuptial agreements

Many engaged couples put provisions in their prenuptial agreements regarding whether one of the spouses will pay alimony (spousal support) to the other if the marriage ends. They may stipulate an amount of alimony and/or conditions under which it will be paid, such as if the marriage lasts a certain number of years.

New Arizona law helps protect the rights of blind parents

Most people disabilities have multiple stories of people making inaccurate assumptions about what they can and cannot do. These assumptions often involve parenting. Unfortunately, when teachers, physicians, judges and others make these assumptions, parents can have their children taken from them. Currently, 37 states and Washington, D.C., have laws that allow the termination of parental rights based on disability.

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