Police arrest parents of missing Arizona woman and baby

Some Arizona parents who have been embroiled in bitter child custody battles are unhappy with the court’s decision. They may believe that they deserve greater custody or visitation rights than they received or that their ex was given too much access to their child.

Parents who are dissatisfied with the court’s decision can work with their attorney to contest the decision. The answer is never to take matters into your own hands and disappear with the child. You could find yourself facing serious legal consequences. So could those who are helping you keep your child from his or her other parent.

The parents of one Arizona woman have learned that. They were recently arrested at Sky Harbor International Airport by Phoenix police. They have been transferred to the custody of Mesa police. That’s where their daughter resides.

However, she was reported missing, along with her baby, by her father in June. Now police believe that the woman’s parents reported her missing to help her avoid having to share custody of her son with the boy’s father, as ordered by a judge.

It was in June that the baby’s father returned to Mesa from Brigham Young University to visit his son. However, neither the woman nor the baby were there. Neither he nor the police have been able to locate them.

The woman’s parents are facing charges including false reporting and custodial interference. Police are planning to charge the baby’s mother with custodial interference as well.

The grandparents of the baby were arrested as they prepared to board a plane. It was not reported where they were scheduled to travel or if authorities believe they were going to see their daughter and grandson.

Whichever side of the custody battle you’re on, it’s essential to rely on your Arizona family law attorney to effectively present your case. Taking the law into your own hands is never the solution.

Source: Phoenix Patch, “Parents Of Woman Who Disappeared With Her Baby Arrested,” Colin Miner, Sep. 27, 2017

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