Post-divorce issues that deal with child custody and support

When it comes to divorce, there are a bevy of issues on the table for the soon-to-be-exes. Any one of these issues could end up being the “major” issue in their divorce. But, in many cases where sons or daughters are involved in the marriage, child custody is the most contentious issue of the divorce between two spouses. The issue can even spill over into the months and years after a custody arrangement or divorce agreement has been finalized.

So what types of issues can arise? Well, usually they qualify under what is called “interference.” For example, some spouses who have to pay their ex child support payments may not pay what they owe, or pay late, or not pay at all. They may do this because they are being passive-aggressive, or because they think it may help them get more time with their son or daughter. In reality though, failing to fulfill your duties as the paying spouse in a child support situation will only cause more legal headaches for you.

Another example of interference is when one of the spouses routinely shows up late or doesn’t show up at all at a designated place and time to pick up your son or daughter. In this case, you need to tread lightly. You will want to have a civil and constructive conversation with your ex about what is going on, and try to come up with solutions to correct it. Maybe you guys need to change the schedule to alleviate the problem. If things still don’t get better, then you will have to go through the court to try to enforce the agreement you and your spouse have over custody.

These are just two examples of potential custody issues that can arise after the divorce is complete. As you can tell, these are delicate situations, and they often require delicate solutions. Try talking to your ex in a calm and fair manner to fix the situation before proceeding with any legal action.

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