Should you seek spousal support payments in divorce?

You weren’t expecting to get a divorce, but when your spouse approached you and told you that they wanted one, you really had no choice. Now, you’ve found yourself in a tough position. You have a job, but it’s not going to support the kind of lifestyle you could have with your spouse. They earn much more than you do, so leaving will mean a downgrade in your living arrangements and the things you can do.

This could affect relationships and friendships you have outside your marriage as well as making it harder to keep up with the activities you have been participating in. That’s not to mention how tight your budget could be when renting or buying a home of your own.

Should you seek out spousal support?

Seeking out spousal support, which is also known as spousal maintenance, isn’t a bad idea. Spousal maintenance is determined by looking at factors such as:

  • The length of your marriage
  • The mental and physical condition of both spouses
  • The financial resources of the two spouses
  • The ability of the paying spouse to support both parties
  • The standard of living during the marriage

Looking at these factors, you’ll be able to determine how much spousal support is fair, if any.

How do you know if you need spousal support?

You may need spousal support if you put together a budget and are short on income to afford housing or other necessities. You may also want to pursue spousal support if you would have a significant change in the standard of living that you were used to as a result of the divorce. If you supported your spouse through school or gave up a career for their benefit, then spousal maintenance could also be right for your circumstances.

Every case is different, so it’s important for people who want to know more about spousal support to look into the legal options open to them and how their situation could benefit from support. There are many factors to consider, but if support would help, then you may want to seek it from your spouse.

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