Some 21st century issues facing divorcing couples

Advancements in technology in recent years have impacted nearly every aspect of our lives for better or worse. That includes marriage and divorce.

Some of the most common disputes that spouses have, either during their marriage or after they call it quits, involve issues that didn’t exist a few decades ago. Following are a few of those causes of conflict.


While family law attorneys often advise their divorcing clients to stay off of Facebook and other social media, it’s too tempting for some people to avoid. When spouses post pictures with new significant others or even enjoying time with their kids, they can exacerbate an already tense relationship with their soon-to-be ex. Of course, anything you post may end up as evidence in a custody or alimony dispute.

Revenge porn

When couples break up, one partner may be concerned about what his or her ex is going to do with private photos or videos. People who post intimate or compromising images of former partners online can find themselves facing criminal charges. It’s also not going to help your divorce case. However, just to be safe, divorcing spouses often seek to get these photos and videos back or have them destroyed.

Service provider and online accounts

These days, couples often have joint cellphone, cable and wi-fi contracts that can carry hefty early termination penalties. Another problem with some of these accounts, according to one family law attorney, is that they may contain private data that people don’t want their exes to have. She says, “When it comes to the triumvirate of Comcast, Amazon and Netflix, you get to (seemingly innocently) cyberstalk your ex to see what they are buying, how much they are spending and if they are renting porn.”

Frozen embryos

With more people freezing embryos to use later to have children, this has become an issue in more divorces. Recently, we discussed proposed legislation here in Arizona regarding what could happen to frozen embryos if the divorcing couple couldn’t agree. Since then, Gov. Ducey has signed the bill. State law now mandates that the embryos be given to the partner who wants to use them to produce children.

If you and your spouse are battling over one or more of these issues, you’re not alone. An experienced Arizona family law attorney can take steps to help you protect your privacy and work for the settlement you’re seeking.

Source: Bravo, “Lawyers Reveal the 5 Weirdest Things Couples in 2018 are Fighting Over Bitcoin is not one … but Netflix is.,” Jen Glantz, April 03, 2018

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