Temporary orders and the need for quick decisions

The logistics of splitting up your marriage can get complicated, and some decisions simply must be made quickly. You don’t have time to wait. The divorce case itself could run on for a few months. Some complex cases could take over a year.

Imagine that you have two young children. They didn’t decide to get divorced and they need a place to live. They need money for necessary items, like food and clothing. You can’t put them in limbo for three months while the case proceeds. Temporary support and custody orders may then be used to ensure that they get what they need until another, permanent order can be issued.

If the temporary order comes out and you don’t like what it says — maybe it gives your spouse full custody, for instance, when you were hoping for joint custody — don’t panic. Again, this is not a permanent order and it will eventually expire or be replaced.

The problem is that the court may not have time to really examine all of the little details. The speed of the decision is key so that the children have some structure in their lives. After the court comes back and looks at all of those details in depth, it may change the decision so that it’s more in line with what you think it should be.

Of course, seeing that temporary order come out can be a bit stressful when you don’t agree with it. At times like these, it’s especially important to know all of the legal options that you have and how you should proceed.

Source: FindLaw, “Family Court Decisions: Temporary Orders,” accessed April 04, 2017

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