The factors that influence alimony awards in Arizona

Individuals who are getting a divorce may be entitled to alimony. In the state of Arizona, alimony payments are typically referred to as spousal maintenance payments. A judge will review several factors when determining whether a person should receive such payments after his or her marriage officially comes to an end. For instance, custodial parents of special needs children may have their requests for alimony granted by a family law judge.

Individuals may also have their requests for maintenance payments granted if they are too old to reenter the workforce. Finally, those who took steps to allow a spouse to obtain an advanced degree or other educational achievements may be awarded monthly payments from a former spouse. After a judge has determined that an individual should receive alimony, the next step is to figure out how much assistance he or she will obtain.

The amount of an award will be based on a person’s standard of living while married as well as the length of the marriage. Furthermore, a judge will compare an individual’s financial resources to those available to the party being asked to make payments. If a person is able to provide for his or her own needs by obtaining employment, it could influence the level of support that a former spouse is expected to provide.

Individuals who are planning on ending their marriages may have questions about obtaining alimony in a final divorce settlement. A family law attorney may be able to explain how the alimony process works and how much the client might receive. If a person signed a prenuptial agreement waiving his or her right to alimony, there is a chance that the provision may be invalidated. This may be true if the agreement was signed under duress.

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