The military divorce conundrum, and how to solve it

Picture a divorce in your mind, and what do you think of? Are the spouses despondent and resigned to their fate? Are they worrying about property division and arguing over what assets belong to which spouse? Do they have children? Is a custody battle about to begin? What about the financial outlook of these spouses once the divorce is complete? Did they sign a prenup, or are the spouses without that kind of contractual protection?

Every divorce is a little different, and depending on the answers to the above questions, the divorce could be really complex or the spouses may be very relaxed and amicable. But now picture this — what if one of the spouses or both of the spouses are stationed overseas on military duty? How would they get a divorce done?

This is just one of the many unique factors that can play into a military divorce. Members of the military also have special benefits from the federal government, including military pensions and survivor benefits, that need to be settled in a divorce. There are also logistical issues of a military divorce — like in any divorce — that must be worked through.

Any military member that is going through a divorce doesn’t need to feel like he or she is the only one dealing with this problem, and at Trullinger & Wenk, we’ll be by your side to help you through your divorce. We know how to help military members work through the complicated factors that are posed by a military divorce.

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