We assist people with different estate planning needs

People who have lived in the Phoenix area all of their lives or who have even just chosen to retire here come from all different sorts of economic and family situations. As a result, each one of them brings to the table different estate planning needs.

One of the goals of our office’s estate planning practice is to make sure that the plans we create for our clients are tailored to what they truly need in order to distribute their property efficiently to their loved ones.

In many cases, an Arizona resident may find that all he or she really needs to accomplish his or her goals is a simple will. In these sorts of cases, we will advise our clients accordingly and help them draft a valid will that clearly spells out how they want their property distributed.

In other cases, a person may have lots of different assets or may be facing a tax situation or other financial concern where a simple will just would not accomplish their goals. In these cases, we can offer our clients a variety of options that can help them pass down their legacy, avoid probate and, potentially, maintain some control over how their loved ones will spend their inheritances.

There are a number of means of accomplishing these goals, including various types of trusts, planned gifting through a power of attorney, jointly held property and other estate planning tools. Once we help our clients formulate an effective course of action, we can set about making sure that all necessary documents are validly drafted and in proper order.

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