What you want in your Divorce attorney

Many potential clients come in to our offices and want an “aggressive attorney” to represent them in their divorce.  That is a reasonable request, but clients should be looking at other things when hiring an attorney also.

  •  Knowledge – Does your attorney know and understand the law and rules involved in a family Court dispute?
  •  Experience – How long has your attorney been practicing and how low has he/she been focusing on family law? How many trials has he/she done?
  • Confidence – Do you have confidence in your attorney to advocate to the best of his/her ability for you and does he/she have the skills to do so.
  • Communication skills – The number one complaint made about attorneys is their inability to call you back or to convey all of the possible outcomes that may occur. Ask what time frame you can expect for a response to a phone call and/or email to him/her.
  • Honesty – Is your attorney upfront with you about all of the costs and fees associated with your case.  Is your attorney going to call you about your case even when the news is not good, or is he/she going to withhold information from you to try to sugar coat it for you so as to not upset you.
  • Case load- What does his/her current case load look like.  The attorney may have too many cases to be able to undertake you matter and represent you effectively.
  • Staff- How involved is the staff in the cases?   In the event the attorney is not available to answer questions, can his paralegal talk to you with knowledge of the developments in the case.

At Trullinger & Wenk, we pride ourselves on our integrity.  We have over 34 years of combined legal experience to assist you in handling your family law matter.   We deliver frequent and substantive updates to our clients and we don’t hind anything from them.  By giving clients complete and accurate assessments of their risks and possible outcomes, we ensure that the client understands that we are working for the client.  We provide diligent representation for our clients through all of these attributes.

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