Why a majority of second marriages end in divorce

Studies have shown that second marriages in Arizona and throughout the country are even more likely than first marriages to end in divorce. One of the most common reasons is that couples tend to rush into second marriages before the first marriage has been resolved. They might not have ended the previous relationship or finalized the divorce before starting the new relationship, which can lead to trust issues later on. Many couples also jump into second marriages without getting counseling, which can lead to them repeating the same mistakes that they made in the first marriage.

Additionally, once a person gets divorced the first time, it becomes easier to do it again. People in second marriages have less incentive to keep the marriage together because they already know what to expect from a divorce. They might also have conflicts with their new stepchildren, which will make them even more likely to contact a divorce attorney.

Many second marriages fall apart due to issues from previous relationships. Both partners might have baggage that they never resolved with their former spouses, and these issues bleed into the new marriage. If both spouses have children, the relationship can become even more strained. The children might be resistant to having step-siblings or dealing with a new parent in the house.

In the event of a divorce, an individual might find it beneficial to contact a lawyer. The lawyer may help them navigate the intricacies of family law and help them settle issues like child custody, child visitation rights, child support, spousal support, division of assets and more. The attorney might be able to negotiate a settlement with the former spouse that is fair to both parties.

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