Why do people put off getting divorced?

A common refrain that you hear from people who file for divorce is that they wanted to do it for a while before they finally took action. They may also say that their only regret is that they wished they had done it sooner.

When you hear this, it’s easy to start wondering why people put off their divorces. If they’re unhappy in their marriages and they want to move on, why do they procrastinate?

Staying together for the kids

For couples with children, the primary reason that they put off divorce is that they want to make it work for the kids. They don’t want to end the marriage unless they really must. They’re not just going to jump into it as soon as they realize what they want. Only when it becomes clear that divorce would also be better for the children do they move forward.

Trying to fix the marriage

In many cases, the delay is just because they’re trying to fix whatever is wrong in their marriage. A partner is unfaithful and so they go to couples’ therapy, for instance. It doesn’t work and they eventually split up, but it takes time for them to realize that the end of the relationship is inevitable. They may also spend time trying to change or fix the relationship on their own.

Uncertainty where to start

Many people who consider divorce have never actually gotten a divorce before. They find the process intimidating. They don’t know what paperwork they’ll need or what steps to take.

If that’s how you feel, it is very important to look into the process as soon as possible. A consultation with an experienced attorney can help ease your concerns and make clear decisions about your future.

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