Why would you seek a child custody modification?

When you get divorced, a child custody plan is put in place. Perhaps you and your ex set the plan up and had the court sign off on it, or perhaps the court had to make a ruling since you couldn’t agree.

Either way, you may eventually want to have that order modified. Below are a few reasons that this can happen:

Your ex is not going along with the current plan.

Perhaps you have joint custody and your child is supposed to live with you for part of the month, but your ex keeps ignoring the court order and refusing to drop the child off. You may want to seek a modification to get sole custody since your rights are being violated.

One of you is considering a move.

Maybe you want to relocate for a new job, or maybe you only lived in Arizona to be close to your ex. Now you want to move home. Relocation can be very complicated and it’s critical to know your rights, whether you or your ex wants to move.

You don’t think the other parent should see the child.

In some cases, you may worry that the child is not in a safe, healthy living situation. It’s more than just not agreeing with your ex’s parenting style; you actually think the child is in danger of serious injury. A modification may be requested to keep the child out of a hazardous situation.

Remember that asking for a child custody modification means you must go through the proper legal channels. Do not just act on your own. Be sure you know what steps to take.

Source: The Spruce, “5 Reasons to Request Child Custody Modification,” Debrina Washington, accessed May 10, 2017

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